I don’t understand why death has such a traumatic terror in the hearts of the majority. What is it really that we are afraid to lose?
One might say, “Afraid of losing my life, what else?”
But to that response, I’d like to ask the counter-question, “Do you have any hold on to life even now?”
I mean, I am 23 years old and principally I am already 23 years dead. That is to say, that, 23 years of so-called “my” life, has gone beyond reach, and I am 23 years closer to death.
And since death is inevitable, people’s desire to go on living and avoid death is quite similar to desiring to eat the cake and also at the same time wanting to keep it.

You then might say, “What happens to all my experiences, all my knowledge that I have gathered. In other words, what happens to the ‘me’?”
But if you really look into the matter, you would realize that life doesn’t work as a gathering principal. Rather, it works on the same principle which doesn’t record the tracks of birds flying in the sky.

To illustrate this point, you’ve had a lot of experiences in your life (presumably), but where are they now at this very moment? In what sense has all your experiences transformed your sense of being?
To that point, you might say, “Well, I have the memories.”

Sure enough.
But the memory of any kind of experience won’t drive you to do things that you do in reality.
Take pain for instance, its memory is never quite the pain itself. It won’t drive you to take any action to get rid of the pain. (Which you would have done if you were really in pain).
Nor will the memory of you having sex with a person you’re attracted to can give you orgasms.
And besides, what if by some wangle or gimmick all your memories get removed now?
What would happen, is, that you will feel like you just came into being.
Contemplate a little on that.


The song of the Heart

You have made me ecstatic,
You have filled me with bliss.
With your sweet melody of love,
You have shown me the beautiful abyss.

The feeling of your essence is eternal,
Invariably in every place.
This sublime state of existence,
has been manifested from your profound grace.

The awe inspiring songs that you sing,
I only hear in overwhelming wonder.
The togetherness with existence is gained,
that had been kept asunder.

You are the unknown knowledge,
Beyond the highest empiricism.
Expressing your beauty is not possible,
Even with the best of lyricism.